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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate catalog 2015 - 2016
A source for academic policy, rules, regulations, general education requirements and more.

Degree Programs
The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 30 bachelor's degrees with numerous specializations. Our comprehensive chart shows the wide variety of choices you have and offers a sampling of career opportunites for each degree.

A minor is a set of courses that are sufficient to establish proficiency in a discipline without having to take all of the courses that a major would take.

Certificate Programs
A certificate is a non-degree program designed to provide students with specialized knowledge that is less extensive than, and different from, a degree program.

Request to Change/Declare a CAS Major
To make it official, you need to request to change/declare your major using our simple online form.

Academic Grievance Procedure
An "academic grievance" is a claim that a specific academic decision or action that affects that student's academic record or status has violated published policies and procedures, or has been applied to the grievant in a manner different from that used for other students. Read our chart to understand how the process works.

There are a number of forms students may need, such as transient form, change of catalog, S/U contract and overload request.

Before you contact your adviser, check out our list of frequently asked questions.