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Vintage-themed reading features USF English students

Vintage-themed reading features USF English students

TAMPA, Fla. — The USF English Department hosted its spring 2019 installment of the 6x6 reading on Feb. 22 at Felicitous Coffee and Tea on 42nd Street. The reading featured six undergraduate and six graduate students who shared their creative writing of 1,000 words or fewer.

6x6 is a themed reading series featured in both the fall and spring semesters. This semester’s theme was vintage. Undergraduate and graduate students were asked to submit fiction, creative nonfiction, or poetry that reflected the theme of vintage. The 6x6 coordinators wanted “to be taken back in time, we want the old, the memorable, the discovering of something from the past, the antique, the reuse of the old for a new purpose.”

This semester’s event was hosted by second-year MFA students Courtney Clute and Macey Sidlasky. The readers included graduate students Sarah Basil, Lauren Cross, Bianca Hernandez, Yulia Nekrashevich, Emory Russo and Patrick Templeton, and undergraduate students Cynthia Almodovar, Kyle Juarez, Shannon Kelly, William Kennedy and Nina Mackin.

Along with the readings, the hosts—dressed in on-theme 1920s flapper costumes—offered a chance for attendees to win raffle prizes, including items donated by Felicitous Coffee and Tea. 

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Author: Courtney Clute