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History professor edits, releases book on Medici women

TAMPA, Fla. -- The book, “Medici Women: The Making of a Dynasty in Grand Ducal Tuscany,” edited by Professor Giovanna Benadusi of the University of South Florida Department of History has been released by the Center for Reformation and Renaissance Studies.

The Medici grand ducal family always has fascinated both historians and the public with the dynasty they had created. Until recently, the women of the Medici family had only been known for extending the family line. The women had more influence in society and the ideals that build the dynasty than has been recognized before. It is only in the last decade or so that scholars have begun to reassess their roles and achievements. The aim of this book is to advance that reassessment.

The book, released from the Victoria University in Toronto, Canada, already has received advanced praises from professors and scholars from across the country.


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Author:Brenna Wenger