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Beekeeping course schedule has been changed

TAMPA, Fla. -- The beekeeping University of South Florida course that begins this November has had some alterations to the schedule. the first class, “Meet the Bees: Basics of Bees and Beekeeping,” will take place on Nov. 16. The rest of the schedule for this course is as follows:

    • Dec. 7: Setting Up Your Apiary
      Dec. 14: Potluck for all current and former students
      Jan. 25: Keeping Your Bees healthy
      Feb. 1 & 15: Hive Building
      March 1: In-hive Practicum
      April 5 & 19: Get Your Bees
      May 3: New Colony Check-up Requeening
      June-July: Tutorials and special topics by appointment
      Aug. 2: Honey Extraction
      Sept. 6: Swarm Management
      Oct. 18: Varroa Management and Winter Preparation
  • The cost is $10 per class and USFBG members pay $8. Hives, bees and beekeeping supplies are priced separately.

    To register for this course, call (813) 974-2329.


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    Author: Kelsey Howard