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Preschoolers learn about weather systems from USF professor

TAMPA, Fla. -- Children at the University of South Florida Preschool for Creative Learning had lots of fun Wednesday experimenting with different types of weather systems.

Working with USF graduate students and local weather experts, the preschoolers created experiments that mimicked tornadoes and hurricanes.

USF Associate Professor Jennifer Collins, who is president of the West Central Florida Chapter of the American Meteorological Society, said everyone should explore and understand the weather around them.

“I think it’s important, particularly here in Florida, to teach them about the weather so that they can know what the storm is or what the system is and if they need to be prepared about it,” she said.

Collins is an associate professor in the Department of Geography, Environment and Planning. She is also the graduate coordinator for Environmental Science and Policy at USF.


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Author: Katy Hennig