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The USF team at ANGA's headquarters in Washington, D.C.

USF finishes second in national public relations competition

TAMPA, Fla. -- On May 24, students representing last semester’s Advanced Public Relations class placed second in America’s Natural Gas Alliance (ANGA) Collegiate Energy Challenge in Washington, D.C. Due to the outstanding job by all three finalists, ANGA chose to award each school the $5,000 grand prize. The money will benefit the USF School of Mass Communications.

ANGA was so impressed with the student work that the five presenters from each team were given an additional $200 award. A team of Auburn University graduate students won first place, and undergraduate students from the University of Texas at Arlington placed third. There were nine teams in the initial pool before the final presentations.

Colin Cook, who was elected by the class to be the agency director, said he was honored to represent USF.

“It was never about winning,” Cook said. “I was so happy we were chosen as top three.”

The USF Advanced Public Relations class of 46 students established an agency and created an integrated marketing campaign with a $3,000 budget provided by ANGA. According to Cook and class agency department head Crystal Price, their campaign was creative and entertaining. They created a superhero, Captain NatGas, and through him raised awareness and educated students on the benefits of natural gas as a viable alternative energy source.

USF’s presentation included a video message from Captain NatGas to the client. ANGA said USF had the most unique campaign, compared to more traditional approaches by the other schools. ANGA also said USF did the best with connecting to its target market. The client was most impressed with the USF team’s messaging schedule, which ANGA said it will use in its own future marketing. ANGA also awarded an extra $200 to John Eckhoff, Captain NatGas’ true identity.


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Author: Jordan Smith