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CAS student receives inaugural dissertation fellowship

TAMPA, Fla. -- Anthropology Ph.D. student Elizabeth Danforth is one of four students awarded the University of South Florida Graduate School’s inaugural Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship. Danforth will receive $15,000 to aid in the completion of her doctoral dissertation, which examines adolescent nutrition in Tanzania.

“I had been to Tanzania before to do research for my master’s degree in public health,” Danforth said. “I was really interested in the culture and the methods this impoverished nation utilized to maintain their health.”

She said the main goal of her project is to observe food consumption, and help community organizations throughout Tanzania develop health and nutrition programs that will specifically target the youth of the area.

“Adolescent nutrition has always been an interest of mine,” Danforth said. “Nutritionists typically focus on either maternal health and pregnancy, or children under the age of five. Adolescence is this gap of time that has been ignored. This age group gets lost in the mix.”

Danforth also will be partnering with local health care providers to devise strategies to improve pre-pregnancy nutrition.

“I feel so honored that my project was selected,” Danforth said. “There are so many great projects in the works at the graduate school, and I feel privileged that mine was one of the four chosen. I’m so grateful to USF for giving me this opportunity.”


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Author: Holly Rotter