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FIOG public safety program recognized by state officials

TAMPA, Fla. -- The Coordinated Community Anti Crime Initiative, a collaborative effort by the Florida Institute of Government, University of South Florida Police Department and the University Area Community Development Corp., was recently featured at state symposiums in Tallahassee and Jacksonville, highlighting the success of this program.

Established in 2004, the Coordinated Community Anti Crime Initiative aims at turning everyone into crime fighters. By addressing the origins of crime through the Coordinated Community Anti Crime Initiative, people from all walks of life have learned to become an integral part in making the university area safer and more sustainable. This is a positive, community approach to public.

Presenters such as Attorney General Bill McCollum, Sen. Victor D. Crist, and experts in housing, quality of life, public policy, crime prevention and grassroots leadership discussed the root causes of crimes and how to combat them.

They also reviewed elements of the Initiative such as The Bull’s Eye “Crime Watch,” a program that shows everyday university area citizens how they can be the eyes and ears of police officers. A series of multi-session crime prevention classes offered to USF college students included RAD (Rape Aggression Defense), which taught women to channel the flight or flight response to a rape attempt into planned, practiced defensive techniques.

“Students often return to describe how they have used the techniques we taught them to escape dangerous situations,” said Sergeant Charlotte Domingo, USF Police Department.


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Author: Dee Miller