About the Florida Legislative Speakers Forum

The Florida Legislative Speakers Forum is an annual event, and is facilitated by Dr. Eric Eisenberg, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. This year's Forum will be moderated by Dr. Susan MacManus, USF Distinguished Professor, Department of Government and International Affairs. The discussion panels consist of former legislative speakers. Segments focus on individual experiences - then & now and issues facing Florida today, followed by questions and answers.

Sponsorships raise funds to defray a minimal cost of the Forum with remaining funds going to support students in the Legislative Internship Program (LIP) and Tallahassee Internship Program (TIP) at USF. Sponsorship support helps prepare students to be future leaders as well as working to improve the quality and effectiveness of government in Florida.

The LIP and TIP internship programs are highly successful and provide opportunities for many students with a great passion to serve in government across the Florida to choose this path of excellence in public service. Students will receive scholarships and support which allows them to conduct community projects with professional and meaningful success.